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Virginia: Where you can buy your bacon, cigarettes and fireworks all in one place

The call came in the afternoon on a Thursday with a few hours left on my shift: "What are you doing tonight, and how about tomorrow?" "I'm off, why?" "Can you drive me to Virginia?"

I rented a car and brought Kaitlin along. To make up for the sudden inconvenience, Adrian agreed to put us up for the night in a Virginia Beach hotel while he made the return trip in the car he was buying: a 2010 Volvo S40 5-speed for Hillary.

Just as we got into town he looked up a little barbecue shack. While we waited in the courtyard for our lunch, the owner took a look at the car's New York plates and played Frank Sinatra over the in-house stereo.

Kaitlin and I had dinner at the hotel restaurant and in the morning we enjoyed espresso milkshakes on the boardwalk. We stopped at the Dogfish Head Brewpub in Rehobeth Beach on the way home.

To cap off the weekend, Kaitlin made a salt-baked pompano and we drank a bottle of Tremo tempranillo, one of our favorites.


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